August 2014 Winchester Christian Center

08-13-14 Sovereign Grace

08-14-14 The Healing Gospel

08-15-14 The Yoke of Sickness Under the Law

08-16-17 What Happens in the Deep

08-17-14 Endurance of a Soldier Athlete and Farmer

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Life in the Spirit without the Law Monday Night

Cursing the Fig Tree Tuesday Night 

Restoration of Your Conscience

Yokes that Choke Sunday Night NCO Huntland

Blessing of Benjamin Huntsville Al 8-19-13


Conference Calls

09-09-14 Being in Christ

08-26-14 Exercising Faith in Tabernacles

08-05-14 Doctrinal Foundation of the Finished Work

07-22-14  IT is Death and Life

07-08-14 Tabernacles - Fruit of Joy

06-16-14 Tabernacles - The Word Prevails

06-03-14 Feast - Foundation of Tabernacles

05-13-14 Our Fellowship in Christ

04-29-14 Model the Message

04-08-14 The Body The Blood The Blessing

03-04-14 Out of the Pit Singing a New Song

02-23-14 He Brought Me Out of a Horrible Pit

17-Dec-2013 Discerning the Lord's Body Call

3-Dec-2013 Healing School Conference Call

12-Nov-2013 Q&A Conference Call

Celebrating the Feasts

The Lordship of Christ

1-Oct-2013 Paul in Corinth 

17-Sept-2013 Israel Living as Jacob

27-Aug-2013 The Mistake and The Message

25-July-2013 Captive to Jesus

‚Äč18-Jun-2013 Servanthood In Christ

12-May-2013 The Invitation to Grace

7-Apr-2013 Mary Chose the Word

10-Mar- 2013 The Troubled Servant



The Gates of Salvation 

Jesus - Seed of Abraham

He is Jesus!

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Other Sermons

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